And also the Flinch-Free Fiction sale by Clean Indie Reads.

THE SHAMAN’S CURSE is free during this sale.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????And BY SWORD, TALE, AND MAGIC is only $0.99.

By Sword Boxed SetIn other news, I’ve finished that new chapter for MAGE STORM and I’m turning back to the revisions on WAR OF MAGIC.



Two of my books will be part of the Clean Indie Reads sale starting on May 4th. (May the Flinch-Free Fiction be With You!) You really should check out the sale.

Meantime, BY SWORD, TALE, OR MAGIC is already on sale for $0.99.

By Sword Boxed SetThat’s three young adult fantasy novels for less than a dollar: FIRE AND EARTH, THE BARD’S GIFT, and DAUGHTER OF THE DISGRACED KING.

And THE SHAMAN’S CURSE will be free for five days starting tomorrow.


Free can make sense for the first book in a series.

So, if you’ve never read anything of mine, now’s the time.

New Chapter

I’m at the first point in the rewrite of MAGE STORM where I’ve decided to add a new chapter from a different point of view. Not a new character, but one that never had a point of view in the earlier version of this story.

Changing POV characters, especially early in the story, always slows the writing down. It’ll be worth it in the end, though. This way, the reader will get a chance to really understand what motivates this important character. Not just what she tells her friends, which isn’t exactly false. Just . . . not complete.

I want to get this chapter (or two) done before I go back for my second look at WAR OF MAGIC.


Three Projects

Not yet. But as of next week, I’ll have three writing projects in process.

The first revisions of WAR OF MAGIC,


which will be my primary project. The rewrite of MAGE STORM. And the first draft of BECOME.


That should be interesting.

Both BECOME and MAGE STORM have been significantly delayed by a whole lot of real-life administrative stuff I’ve had to deal with lately. It’s not writer’s block, but it almost might as well be. Hopefully, I can get that all out of the way before it’s time to get serious about revisions on WAR OF MAGIC.

Sometimes, while working on Project B (BECOME),


the exact idea I need for Project A (MAGE STORM) percolates to the surface. And generates new excitement.

Now all I need is the time.

While WAR OF MAGIC is still resting for another couple of weeks,


I’ve been working on both MAGE STORM (no cover yet) and BECOME.


BECOME is a first draft. Well, sort of. There was an earlier version of this story, so there area  few things I can draw on. But the story has changed immensely from that first version, so most of it won’t apply. Even the main character has changed. (That first version was called DREAMER’S ROSE and was about Rose, who remains as an important character, but not the main character. It really always should have been about Gaian. Now it will be.) Besides, I wrote that first version several years ago and the writing . . . well, lets just say it needs a lot of work.

MAGE STORM is a rewrite of a story that was originally written for a younger audience. The stakes will be higher, more related to the consequences for this world as well as the individual risks. And it won’t stick to a single point of view, either. But the plot is essentially the same. It’s adding and tweaking the age of the main character, mostly. It’s also likely to be ready to publish sooner. And, while it is the first in a series (no name for the series yet, either), the series will be made up of independent stories (rather like a series all about the same detective solving different crimes, though these aren’t primarily mysteries).  So, while the stories may work best in sequence, because they’ll build on the earlier ones, there won’t be anything remotely resembling a cliff hanger.

Revision–or rewrite–of one story and first draft of another actually work together fairly well. Better than trying to write to first drafts at the same time, certainly. And the advantage is that if i get stuck, or temporarily get tired of working on one, I can just switch to the other.

As long, of course, as I don’t start typing the wrong character’s name into either story.

Because writing and making up stories is part of who I am, nothing can keep me from it for long. So . . . yeah, I’m back working on MAGE STORM. And a little bit on BECOME.


And on Plan B for the other issue. Because there’s never just one way to solve a problem.



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